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10+ Ratings. 50 Years of Drafts.

I rated the performance of all NHL General Managers from 1970-2020, focusing on the drafted players only. All ratings and rankings are based on a unique scoring system awarding points for good picks and subtracting points for bad picks. All General Managers with a Ranking have made at least 85 picks in their career.

Note: Active GM's will usually have lower ratings because many of their picks are not yet established. Therefore Ratings/Rankings will change on a yearly basis.

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Scoring System

Unique Scoring System.


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Did you know that 51 players who played in NHL, were drafted two times? Or that 2 brothers were both drafted in the 3rd round (51st overall) one year apart?

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Names & Numbers

Names & Numbers

Did you know that Jim Warner is the lowest pick (23rd round/245 overall) to play in the NHL? Or that pick 199 is the lowest pick of a player that made the hall of fame?

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